Pre-Construction Design

McNely Construction Company often meets with the client in the very preliminary planning phases of the project. We have on-going relationships with many architects, structural engineers and civil engineers. We can connect our clients with the appropriate designers that specialize in a particular industry. McNely Construction Company and its subcontractors often take on a design-assist or design-build role for critical MEP systems and specialized non-conventional structures. It has been our experience that when we work as a team with the designers and key subcontractors in the early design phases, cost overruns are minimized, predictability of schedule is strengthened and the end quality is optimized. The overall goal is always to completely understand the clients’ needs for the facility, and to work with the designers to accomplish the key elements of the project and at all times be accountable to the clients’ overall budget for the project.

Pre-Construction Estimating

With over 55 years of successfully completed projects, we have a vast library of costs histories in all phases of construction on file. Not only will we access past costs histories, our estimators will be in close communication with various subcontractors and suppliers that specialize in particular areas of a particular project. We aim to have a high degree of confidence as we report on budgeting to our clients. We will advise on an overall project budget, both hard and soft costs, and we will advise on a contingency for unknowns. As design progresses, we will update budgets while continuing to identify any items that are yet to be defined. Our goal is always to give a realistic budget that errs slightly to the conservative side until most aspects of design are complete. We encourage you to ask our clients about McNely Construction Company’s accuracy from beginning preliminary budgets to overall final construction contract agreement costs. We are also willing to competitively bid projects and we are confident that our pricing is fair. Approximately 30% of our volume is awarded through the competitive bid process. Even in a competitive bid situation, our goal is to be as transparent as possible with foreseeable unknowns or items that may not be well defined.

Pre-Construction Scheduling

As the initial estimating is underway, we are also building an overall timeline for the project. Again, we will be in communication with key subcontractors and suppliers to identify lead times and install times on specialty items, and refer to duration performance on past projects. Along with the designers, we will meet with the appropriate governing jurisdictions and identify targeted timelines for planning and building department reviews. It is our goal to establish overall timelines for the project very early on to assist us with general condition costs in the preliminary budgeting phases. Our history will show that we are not a litigious contractor. It is in our best interest to complete our projects as quickly and as safely as possible.

Constructibility Review

The fact that we have completed so many different types of projects over the years, and we have self-performed work on many types of construction, we have a high degree of confidence in our ability to review and comment on constructibility as design progresses. Our project managers and estimators have past hands-on field experience in the trades, so personal knowledge allows us to advise on potential problems with a particular detail. Of course, no matter how thorough the review, there will be applications in the field that will require further study and comment. As design progresses, we want to assist with ease of application. As construction completes, we want to deliver a building that is as maintenance friendly as possible.

Value Engineering

We are often approached by an owner with a limited budget. The amount of church, private school and non-profit work in our portfolio means that we have many times been faced with the challenge of getting the project completed on a limited budget. As design progresses, our goal for the project is to retain the designer’s key elements, making sure the owner’s project needs are met, and somehow getting these done within that limited budget. In-house discussions, as well as teaming with key subcontractors and suppliers can lead to alternative materials and products. Not only detailed application on particular products, but a re-think on the type of structure, or a re-design of certain systems will be considered. We will advise if certain aspects of the project should be phased in order to meet the overall goals for the building.

Construction Services

Once design and permits are complete and we are ready to break ground, our field supervision and project managers are committed to maintaining and tracking the project’s schedule and budget. It is important to note that McNely Construction Company retains that smaller company feel. Our projects (and our general conditions costs) don’t get overloaded with layers of management and associated costs. Our smaller staff is capable of managing larger, more complex projects. Dan McNely stays involved through all phases of the project. We understand that once a project completes, the challenges of budget and schedule take a backseat to project quality. For this reason, McNely management will closely watch all applications in progress and assure that design and specification requirements are being met or exceeded.

Occupied Facility

Many of our project remodels and additions require us to work in a facility that is occupied and needs to continue to operate on a daily basis. We will work with the client to establish a separation plan between on-going facility operations and the construction application. Key field staff will be involved in planning meetings so nothing is lost in communication. We have worked in very sensitive environments including: preschools, K through 12 education facilities, college campuses, psychiatric care facilities, other medical facilities, airport security areas, and shelters for women and children. We also work in and around the more typical administrative office and sensitive industrial situations. We understand the importance of noise, dust and vibration control, as well as safe environments for pedestrians, vehicular traffic and occupant safety. Our field staff and ALL on site workers will be properly trained for the environment.

Building Green

We are aware of the need for more environmentally sound structures. We are seeing many positive changes in the industry towards a greener future. We are happy to be included in these efforts. Dan McNely is a LEED accredited professional. Whether our clients want to achieve a certain LEED level through USGBC, or just have a need to achieve a number of LEED points by their local governing jurisdiction, we will assist in that process to meet the needs of the project.