From the beginning, we’ve been known as a smaller company capable of larger, more complex projects. We remain this way so Dan McNely can be personally involved with each project. The founders of our firm believed in one thing… “Do what you say you’re going to do.” That is still at our core today. In this day and age, Trust seems more important than ever before. We want you to say you trust McNely enough to do your next project on the proverbial handshake. For many of our clients, their project was the largest they had ever undertaken. They needed a contractor who assisted in most steps along the way. We know that attention to detail on your project is the best customer service we can offer. McNely employees are encouraged to always listen first and make sure we completely understand the needs of your facility and its use. We also need to understand the design challenges and project’s key elements from the designer. We team with owner and design group to assist with the vision of the project while working within the owner’s budget limitations. While celebrating our successes, we always encourage our employees to continue to learn and grow as individuals and as a company. The three constants for any project are staying within the targeted budget, completing the work on time, and delivering a desired level of quality. We focus on these items to drive the project to success.